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December 9, 2013
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Frozen by mixed-blessing Frozen by mixed-blessing
I love their cracked (but cute) dancing in the early of movie. ^^
hmm... Actually I like Hans more than Kristoff. 
Hans is true Disney's prince type. Maybe they want to change old tradition by giving him this role.
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kasaundra1 Apr 5, 2014  Student General Artist
I <3 Hans!!!!! Hes soooo hot!
Muisha Mar 31, 2014  Student General Artist

applethecat Mar 29, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
I like Hans, I wish he didn't have to be a total power hungry character at the end.
hans still needs a shave
boopbatdeep Mar 1, 2014  New member
overall i like this picture, but hans's nose is a little to big and the bridge of the nose is straight if you look at some side pictures of him the bridge of his nose is curved. this is not an insult but hopefully helpful criticism.
:iconpuke-rainbowplz: The level of skill is off the charts... ;u;
Hi, sorry for a long-long comment and apologies for the fact that my opinion may be different from yours. Not going to convince anybody, just explaining myself.

So...  Girls, beware! The worst type of men, IMHO. Nodding and "oh, I was about to say just the same thing!" guy may prove not to have his own personality after all. I find him boring. And at the beginning of the film, even though I didn't know about the "villain" side, I was really hoping  Anna would eventually find a better match. She is witty and clever and brave and kind... And no matter what happens later, at least her partner should be clever. And his face and actions and all... Chameleonish. Had he met a reserved and calm princess, he would have acted calm and reserved. There is something his face lacks - probably some maturity, or profoundness. Or maybe even life. Why Anna fell in love? Well... Imagine how the girl had been locked in the palace for such a long time! And her song just before she met him? I think it clearly explained in the movie WHY she fell in love with the first person she met. It's natural, it't "an open door".

Oh, not to mention the sweet looks and gazing into each other's eyes and all the romance... It's good if it is not overdone. But here... Too sweet, like 100 chocolate cakes eaten at once. Brrr.

The goal? Why give the poor little boy (youngest brother, haha!)the role of villain? Well, cause the morals is - don't rush. Both Elsa and Kristof were right, IMHO.

And I have to admit I was not surprised by "villain" end at all. But I expected the scene to be a bit different. I expected something like cowardliness ("To kiss? Like, right now? Oh no no no no no, I am not prepared!") and eventually this lack of caring attitude, egoistic behavior  would have killed Anna. But in this case, it would be impossible to save her and to show how amazingly she kicked him at the end! =)

BratzCloe23 Jan 12, 2014  Student
Funny thing that Prince Hans did not like Anna, he was a jerk and betrayer to her! But at the end of the movie, Anna knocked him out! XDDD
GorgoniteGirl21 Jan 8, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
i saw rapunzel in frozen with flyn rider
Sanders623 Jan 8, 2014
You know, the funny thing I'm thinking here is that Princess Anna and Prince Hans do behave a lot like Romeo and Juliet from that Shakespeare play I'm talking about. Although I would accurately say that Anna and her sister, Queen Elsa, are the ones who are in the Romeo and Juliet situation. And Hans is more like Count Paris.

And the other funny thing I'm thinking is that Anna is behaving a lot like Romeo, because both tends to jump from one love to another. :D
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